Genesis Announces Donation to the Arts

Genesis announces donation to the arts 
We who live in Edmond, and Oklahoma in general for that matter, place a high value on a person or a company giving back to those who support them. That is one reason our dealership is proud to say that Genesis has announced it is awarding the J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles a $250,000 arts education grant. Genesis has always prioritized luxury and quality in its vehicles, but through this act they are showing a desire for not only quality cars, but quality education for young people as well. 

"At Genesis, we are driven by the philosophy that we are responsible global citizens committed to advancement in our vehicles and in the communities in which we operate," said Erwin Raphael, General Manager of the Genesis brand in the U.S. market. "Genesis believes that arts can open doors, foster collaboration, and expand minds. With a commitment to CSR, our goal is to harness the power of the arts to fuel the next generation. We want to help kids enhance their creativity and collaboration skills, improve their problem-solving and critical thinking ability, and increase their self-confidence." 

Genesis' passion for the arts is something shared by many Oklahomans, including us at Edmond Genesis. Art has been shown to improve graduation rates, raise achievements levels, provide creative outlets for children in need and can even help rewire the brain in positive ways. That is why this donation matters. 

It is well known that Genesis has always been dedicated to putting high-class and attractive vehicles in Oklahoma showrooms, and their cars not only focus on leisure, but performance too. It is nice to see that the company's dedication to excellence extends past the brand and into its community. Please contact us at Edmond Genesis for more information on our fantastic vehicles, or to see about getting your own Genesis to drive through the Oklahoma streets.