The Award-Winning Genesis G70 Luxury Sport Sedan

On July 2, 2019, Genesis Motor America reported sales of 10,007 G70 sedans for the first two quarters of 2019. This marked a 38 percent increase in sales when compared to 2018. The G70 Luxury Sport Sedan is mainly responsible for Genesis' success. 

It's no surprise given that the G70 is a highly-competitive luxury vehicle that outperforms legacy luxury sport sedans with driver-focused performance. The Genesis G70 luxury sedan has taken the titles of 2019 North American Car of the Year, MotorTrend 2019 Car of the Year and was a category winner in the Car and Driver 2019 10Best Cars Awards and dozens of other awards

The G70 Luxury Sport sedan was also named Motortrend's 2019 North American Car of the Year and has received several other notable awards in the last year. Given its humble beginnings, it's hard to believe Hyundai is where it is today, rivaling top luxury automotive brands with its luxury branded vehicles.

Hyundai Motor Co. was first founded as a construction company in South Korea by Chung Ju-Yung in 1947. Hyundai Motor Co. was founded in 1967 and a year later Hyundai launched its first car. Since then Hyundai has made huge strides as a company. 

The swift nature of Hyundai's advancement since its inception has been remarkable. Hyundai currently owns and operates the world's largest auto plant in Ulsan. Its 1,200-acre complex operated by 34,000 employees generates a new Hyundai vehicle every 10 seconds, which is 1.6 million units annually, easily making this plant an amplified version of Ford's River Rouge plant.

Several notable individuals who have contributed to the success of the G70 Luxury Sport Sedan include the head of Hyundai Motor Co.'s Genesis brand and Lamborghini's former exec, Manfred Fitzgerald. Luc Doncerwolke, the design chief, is known for former key design roles at Bentley, Lamborghini and Audi. Albert Biermann  and Fayez Rahman, who formerly held senior roles at BMW, now oversee chassis and performance tuning and platform development. A company that now attracts the automotive industry's finest, it's no wonder Hyundai's Genesis is generating just that--the automotive world's finest luxury sport vehicles. 

Hyundai Motor Company is currently the world's fifth largest automaker, converging upon big corporations like GM and Ford. Designing and manufacturing small to medium size cars and SUVs that are overall higher quality than its Japanese and American rivals, Hyundai has made its mark and it's not slowing down any time soon. Now, with the G70 Luxury Sport Sedan taking the lead of Hyundai Genesis' new line of luxury vehicles, there is no stopping Hyundai's continued ascent to the top of the automotive industry.